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Karthik Kosireddi

Comparison between Selenium and QTP

Use of test automation tools has become very common in today’s world and there are different types of test automations tools. Each tool will have a specific function or in other words, each tool will be used for test of a specific area or function. There are specific tools for testing ETL, QA etc and there are also specific bug tracking tools.

Selenium and QTP are the most widely used test automation tools for testing software applications for their overall performance, reliability, scalability and consistency. Both are used widely and hence there may be a confusion over the selection of the tool. Usually, people may get confused on which to select. This article will remove the confusion and help you to select the most apt one.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium
In this session we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Selenium.

Advantages of Selenium
Selenium is a free tool. It is also an open source software. Yo need not pay any license fee to use it.
Selenium supports multiple programming languages like java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP.
Selenium is compatible with multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux and Unix
Selenium supports multiple browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.
Possibility of source code compilation in Selenium by integrating it with different frameworks such as ANT and Maven.
TestNG framework can also be integrated with Selenium for testing application and generating reports.
Jenkins, Hudson etc can be integrated with Selenium for continuous integration.
More features are supported by Selenium by integrating it with other open source tools.
Android, iPhone, Blackberry based applications can be tested using Selenium.
CPU, RAM consumption is very minimal with Selenium

Disadvantages of Selenium Online
Selenium needs a high degree of expertise and experienced professionals to work with. They should be familiar with other tools and frameworks which are being integrated with selenium.
Only web based can be tested using Selenium and Windows based applications cannot be tested.
Image based application testing is difficult.
Outside support is needed to generate reports.
Built in Add-ins are not supported by Selenium

Advantages and Disadvantages of QTP
Now, let us look into the advantages and disadvantages of QTP

Advantages of QTP - QTP Tutorials
Even a non-programmer can understand QTP easily and start adding test cases.
Record and Playback options are available and even the script can be edited after recording. Different recording modes are also provided.
Object identification mechanism is excellent in QTP.
Support of different add-ins are available.
Existing tests can be enhanced Without AUT
All popular test frameworks are supported.
In-built IDE is available in QTP.

Disadvantages of QTP
License fee as well as maintenance charges are very high
Running multiple threads or instances is not possible.
Execution is very slow.
Need to renew license to get official support.
Different add-ins should be purchased.